Issue #8

Fresh blooms and fresh starts – we look at the things that make this the season of optimism in The Style Guide Spring 2017 issue.

Issue #7.5

We're thrilled to bring you a bonus issue to bridge the grey days between winter & spring. Here are some of our favourite transitional looks.

Issue #7

The popularity of long summer days, undeniable beauty of fall and the alluring promise of spring, each season has its unique offering and winter is no different. Frigid temperatures and long nights permit a certain quiet and ability to forgo the frenetic pace of the other seasons. And so, our seventh issue celebrates Mother Nature's underdog.

Issue #6

Our sixth issue is live and it's all about cozy layers and the natural beauty that abounds in fall. Crunchy leaves underfoot, a painter's palette of rich hues and delicious treats like a steaming cup of tea and a piece of amazing chocolate. It's all here. And for the first time, we are proud to present, our first digital short video to accompany the Guide. Enjoy!

Issue #5

In our fifth issue of The Style Guide we share all of the essentials for a beautiful summer! We're also bursting with excitement as we gear up for innovative changes soon to come for The Style Guide - be sure to stay tuned!!

Issue #4

Admittedly I'm biased but this is our most  beautiful issue yet! It's a fresh burst of spring filled with lots of fashion, beauty and lifestyle to shake off the last of winter. We were especially thrilled to work with Ciotti Models this issue and for the beautiful faces, and energy, that grace our pages. Sit back and be inspired to refresh your closet, skin and home.

Issue #3

I was thrilled to sit as a judge for this year's Mercedes-Benz Start-Up competition sponsored by Disney Star Wars ™. It was a total honour to sit alongside Roger Christian, Academy Award winning set decorator and the creator of the iconic lightsaber and R2D2, and Disney executives Peter Noonan and Fofi Samaras to select the winning designer entry. It seemed especially fitting as we had already begun to work on this "Intergalactic" themed issue – a look at space-influence style. Let us know what you think of issue 003. Visit the link below to view in issuu. 

Issue #2

For this summer issue, we focussed on the 'athleisure' trend that has the fashion industry in its grip. More than a trend, this sports influence has changed the way we dress.

Issue #1

It's been a busy year at The Style House. As spring blooms, I'm thrilled to finally share with you one of the projects nearest and dearest to my heart: The Style Guide! As lifelong magazine readers and creators, this is our contribution to an industry that we love; and one we hope will bring you the same joy we shared when creating it. 

We would love to hear your thoughts! #magazinesforever #Thestyleguide