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Coveting Parisienne Style– A Chat with author Rhianna Jones

This charming illustrated phrasebook & lifestyle guide skips right over traditional expressions ("merci beaucoup") and instead arms the chic traveller with relevant colloquialisms to navigate the social scenes of the city of lights ("Hé, chest la nouvelle son de Daft Punk!" = "Yo, that's the new jam from Daft Punk!"). I had a chance to ask author, & adopted New Yorker, Rhianna, a few questions about her appreciation of Parisienne style; here's what she had to say, along with a few pictures from her book.

I define French style as both an aesthetic and an attitude. Parisiennes exude chic ness, tend to keep it pretty monochromatic and always classy over sassy. Whether she be very girly or more androgynous, she always embraces rather than hides her figure. French women love themselves and their bodies. They get dressed as such and voilà the secret to their sex appeal. It’s an attitude in that they know what works for them, adopt that style as a uniform and wear it with confidence. It’s a nonchalance in dressing that comes off as au naturel because essentially it is.
Honestly, I find a lot of similarities in how Parisiennes and New Yorkers dress, at least the hip downtown types. A lot of black, generally a sleek silhouette and an innate aura of cool confidence. Lots of leather and fur for the most glam of the glamazons. I happen to ascribe to all those sartorial philosophies, so perhaps I’m a little biased ;) It’s all about having a wardrobe you wear well... rather than clothes that wear you.
Author, Rhianna Jones

Author, Rhianna Jones

What I love most about Parisienne style is the effortlessness in how they dress. Rather than constantly adding mediocrity to their closet, they purchase thoughtfully and build an investment wardrobe of sorts. Beautiful quality pieces that complement each other seamlessly...that’s how I approach clothing as well. My favorite aspect of their lifestyle and culture is that they love to live and live to love. It’s a unfiltered happiness and personal celebration that happens every single day. I find it magical.

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