Photo: Jamar Stephens

Photo: Jamar Stephens

Afiya Francisco is a Style Expert, television and fashion personality, speaker, and brand ambassador. The Style House is a multimedia platform designed to help women approach their personal style with confidence, simplicity & joy. 

Back to School style

September always feels like the start of a new year. My favourite month of the year – which just also happens to be my birthday month :) – is loved & dreaded by many as the time to head back to school!! I was giddy to recently partner with Target Canada – one of the best shopping spots for parents! – and head to a few Canadian cities to chat back to school style for younger kids (I've included links below).

Earlier in the summer, as a Vaughan Mills Style Agent, I met with older students to interview them and get their take on heading back to class in style. I then found some great looks at one of my favourite shopping destinations (Vaughan Mills, of course!).

The major themes:

  • Bold colour
  • Print (graphic), print (animal) and more print (floral)! 
  • Layering

Overall, unusual print & colour combinations and attention to layering (which both extends the life of summer faves and adds interest) are key ways to get a stylish look that's all your own. Hope that you enjoy the segments – happy New Year :)!

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