Photo: Jamar Stephens

Photo: Jamar Stephens

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Congratulations – Danier Gift Card winner Announced!

I'm pleased to announced that Amy Heffernan is the winner of the $100 Danier gift card!  Thanks to everyone who entered!! 

48 hours before my mother passed away we went to the mall shopping. Not for ourselves but for my niece for her birthday. In our passing Danier in the mall my mother and I fell in LOVE with a little strap purse in there. We both got one each. I got the black and she got the same one in red. 48 hours later she passed away from a heart attack. I still have her red purse hung up next to my black one to remind me of that day and our lil special time together!
— Amy Heffernan. St. John's, Newfoundland.

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