Photo: Jamar Stephens

Photo: Jamar Stephens

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Adam Davidson, AANDD

Santanae with AANDD founder & designer Adam Davidson.

Santanae with AANDD founder & designer Adam Davidson.

Adam Davidson is the creative genius behind the seductive yet androgynous unisex line of leather goods and accessories known as AANDD (Adam and Davidson).  Now found in retailers across North America, London and New Zealand, the Berkeley schooled architect launched his namesake line in 2010. Originally a men's accessory line, AANDD soon became a hit with both men and women looking for unadorned classic pieces with a modern twist. While in town previewing his latest SS14 collection of handbags and accessories at Prologue Lifestyle, I got the chance to sit down with the Brooklyn designer to talk handbags and of course our mutual love for New York.  

– Santanae

Tell us a little bit about the AANDD line of accessories.

With a background in architect and interdisciplinary design, this line is really all about an unadorned and minimalist style aesthetic that uses interesting and unconventional hardware. 

What was your inspiration for the SS14 collection?

For every collection there is always the common thread of unadorned and minimalist pieces. For this collection there was a very strong nautical theme that was stripped down to reflect the AANDD minimalist style aesthetic. The thimbles, rope detailing and gold brass hardware found on the bags were all inspired by what you would find on an actual boat.

Is the entire collection leather?

Yes they are all Argentinian leather that is tanned in Upstate New York and then produced in New Jersey.

Why is it so important for you to produce your line within the US?

Being a new brand I really want to be hands on throughout the entire process. It's lovely to have a relationship with the talented people that produce my line from the pattern makers to the sewing operators. With so many years of experience I have learned, and continue to learn, so much through their recommendations.

How does an architect become a handbag designer?

It was a really organic transition, it sort of took a few years but I have always been interested in creating small scale products and I just love the immediacy of creating a handbag versus a commercial building.

An insight into the FW15 collection...

Again the consistent thread of minimalism is very present in the FW15 collection but I was really inspired by hunting. So although the unconventional detailing and tonal palette is still present it comes with a shot of camo and "50 mile" orange – hunter's wear. 

Be sure to check out The AANDD line of accessories sold exclusively in Toronto at Prologue Lifestyle. Classic design and impeccable craftsmanship – you will be wearing them over AANDD over again!

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