Photo: Jamar Stephens

Photo: Jamar Stephens

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Gotta Have It: Coco & Lowe Faith Charm Bracelet


Created by two of my fellow Style Collective ladies, the stylish and cool dynamic duo that is Coco & Lowe, I had to share this lovely Faith charm bracelet, a follow up to the popular Love charm. Not only do I love the simplicity of its design but the message is equally beautiful. Catriona says: โ€œWhenever I feel like my character is being tested and overwhelmingly stressed out, I look to my wrists for inspiration. Seeing love next to faith always reminds me that this too shall pass.โ€

It changes colour over time, giving the entire charm a vintage, classic look. The more you wear this bracelet, the more the charm changes with your chemistry, but the Faith never fades.

Purchase your Coco & Lowe Faith charm bracelet online at

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