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In Rotation: Evan Biddell II

Photo: Alejandro Colados Nunez. 

Photo: Alejandro Colados Nunez. 

I find it hard to listen to music and stay still at the same time (unlike most of Toronto gig dwellers). I dance, like next level rave style. Traditional rave style.

As might be expected, from this hardworking designer, Evan went above and beyond to create two playlists for The Style House. This second collection of songs has a similar pace to his first playlist and likewise introduces a new assortment of mostly emerging & off mainstream radar artists with tracks that will hook you. True to form, I had to dig for a few of his selections and came up empty handed in one instance – but listening is made all the better for the required effort. Here is Evan's second playlist for The Style House.

  • Wildfire – Jeni
  • Alive – Daft Punk
  • Keep the Streets Empty – Fever Ray
  • Not Giving In – Rudimental
  • Running Up That Hill – Placebo

  • Trying to Find a Balance – Atmosphere
  • Manic – Azari III
  • Cold Hearted – Joseph and the Mercurials *Not included in playlist.
  • Get Free (Andy C remix) – Major Lazer
    Glycerine – Bush X


Commes des Garçons Pouch

Slip Dress – Trend Tolerance: High