Photo: Jamar Stephens

Photo: Jamar Stephens

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In Rotation: Patti Smith

Photo: via   T Magazine  .

Photo: via T Magazine.

In a departure from the usually guest edited playlist, this week's 'In Rotation' is in tribute to Patti Smith. I was fortunate to attend, as a guest of Joe Fresh, a private media tour of the artist's photography exhibit, Camera Solo (on now at the AGO) and a sold-out performance by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee. Wearing her uniform of an Ann Demeulemeester oversize jacket, Ralph Lauren jeans and boots (NYTimes), the rock legend delivered a strong concert interspersed with poetry & readings from her 2010 memoir Just Kids. This is a selection of the songs performed at the show.

I had no proof that I had the stuff to be an artist, though I hungered to be one.
— Patti Smith, Just Kids
  • Ghost Dance
  • My Blakean Year
  • Beneath the Southern Cross
  • This is the Girl

  • It's a Dream
  • Pissing in a River
  • Because the Night
  • People Have the Power

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