Photo: Jamar Stephens

Photo: Jamar Stephens

Afiya Francisco is a Style Expert, television and fashion personality, speaker, and brand ambassador. The Style House is a multimedia platform designed to help women approach their personal style with confidence, simplicity & joy. 

In Rotation: Reid Stewart

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Established in 2002, by founders Reid Stewart & Trevor Fleming, Lifetime Collective clothing label sartorially embodies the chill vibe often associated with its western Canadian roots. Fittingly music, skate, surf, and art are at the core of the brand's listed influences, and so, who better than Reid (designer of the Uniform Standard men's collection) to create the first guest playlist of 2013 for The Style House.

I chose this group of songs for their heart and backbone. They are broad in comparison but all of these songs and artists show no fear in their pursuit of self expression, craft, creativity and every single one of them kill live.
  • I Bought My Eyes – Ty Segall Band
  • Downbound Train – Kurt Vile & The Violators (Bruce Springsteen)
  • The House That Heaven Built – Japandroids
  • Mongoloid – Devo
  • Breaking Horses – Eamon McGrath
  • Fuckin' Up – The Constantines (Neil Young)
  • You On The Run – The Black Angels
  • Cut From The Cloth – The Evens
  • Something I Learned Today – Husker Du
  • Sleep Hold – No Age

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