Photo: Jamar Stephens

Photo: Jamar Stephens

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Industry Insider Interview with Jaimie Harris

As the designer and creator behind This is J, Jaimie Harris has succeeded in turning practical items, such as elastisized headbands and blankets into les objets d'art. All of the fabrics are designed and printed in-house so you be sure to expect an ever-changing unique assortment of patterns and

Inspiration... My travels and the different cultures that I get to immerse myself in while away. I tend to look to linens, wallpaper and book covers for inspiration, especially when I am traveling and have access to local markets to search for hidden treasures.

Fashion Tricks... Buy expensive pieces in black and accessorize with colour.

Current Obsessions... I have a huge rug obsession these days. Madeleine Weinrib rugs are my favourite…her designs and colours are the perfect modern/traditional mix.

Ultimate Fashion Entourage... I like the Hollywood good girls like Natalie Portman and Anne Hathaway. Their daytime looks are casual and functional, but when there is a red carpet involved they portray elegance and style.

Classic or Trendy... Classic clothes with trendy colours or accessories to keep it fresh.

Street Style or Runway... Street style is more the look and feel of This Is J accessories because they are functional and casual.

Worth the investment... A great, well made pair of shoes! A classic style can stick with you for years. Your colours... I love muted tones of blue and green. As a designer I think it is important to go beyond my comfort zone so I incorporate pinks and reds, but the colours that I regularly gravitate towards are shades of green – is proof of that!

And the winner is...

Colour Me Pretty