Photo: Jamar Stephens

Photo: Jamar Stephens

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Little Projects: At Home Spa Treatments

P hotography by Emma Lee via Pearson Lyle
Photography by Emma Lee via Pearson Lyle

A New Year is a natural time to start anew and so feeling all go-hung I've begun a cleanse. Mind you the look on people's faces when I mention that it lasts 40 days is enough to make my will slightly falter... But so far, so good (day four). A fun part of the cleanse saw me make an at-home face mask using honey, lavender oil and yogurt for an easy little project. Here are a few more recipes for at-home spa treatments but if you prefer that someone spoil you visit Pure + Simple, Kristen Ma gives one of the best facials in the city and uses a Ayurvedic approach.

Beautiful Things: Rag & Bone, Jazmine Sullivan & a West Elm Rug

Happy New Year!