Photo: Jamar Stephens

Photo: Jamar Stephens

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Michelle Villett: Top 5 Beauty Picks


Founder & Editor,

Her site is one of the most respected and popular in the industry–  with the awards and accolades to prove it.  As such, not surprisingly, Michelle is among the most trusted writers in the matter of all things beauty related, most recently adding an additional award – Best Beauty Feature of a Magazine or Newspaper Scientific/Technical– to her growing collection. The beauty savant shares with The Style House her fave picks of the season.

1. Emerald green eyeliner 

Pantone just picked emerald green as the next Colour of the Year, so just like we embraced Tangerine Tango in 2012, I support introducing this new shade to your makeup bag for 2013. I like it best in eye makeup instead of nail polish, especially as a liner on the lower waterlines like at Stella McCartney. Surprisingly, it flatters most skin tones. 

2. Nude nails 

After all the crazy nail polish shades—and even crazier nail art looks—of the past few years, understated nails feel like a nice palette cleanse. I'm not sure I'll be embracing the French manicures that Chanel sent down the runway for spring 2013, but I love the freshness of solid, neutral fingers and especially toes. My favourite polish pick is Essie Hi Maintenance—looks pinker in the bottle than it goes on, but is much more flattering than a true beige (which can give you mannequin hands). 

3. Bold brows 

I recently gave up threading my eyebrows and started seeing Mary at Eye Love Brow Bar, who only uses tweezers. It's made a huge difference—finally I've got a brow expert who "gets" that I want to have full, thick yet groomed-looking brows that go straight across instead of skinny arches. (They make you look younger too.) The fuller brow look was hot on the runways for spring too, and although you don't have to go quite that strong, I'm loving the look of darkened brows with either a bare face or just a red lip.

4. CC cream 

I'm looking forward to trying the next generation of BB creams—CC creams—which are due to start hitting stores in January. Apparently the difference is that CCs contain more skin tone-corrective benefits, and provide better coverage.

5. Gel nail polish stickers

After a test-drive gone wrong left me with splitting, stained fingernails I've been using a lot of nail stickers, and can attest that Sally Hansen's (which are made of real nail polish) are the best. I'm even more excited about their new launch for 2013: a gel version that has no dry time and lasts for up to two weeks

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