Photo: Jamar Stephens

Photo: Jamar Stephens

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Michelle Bilodeau

I think fashion breaks are important. Sort of a cleansing of the palette.


Model: Linda Evangelista. Personality: Marion Cotillard. Album: El Camino, The Black Keys. Designer: Alexander Lee McQueen. Colour: Purple. Astrological Sign: Gemini

This fashion maven is known widely for her work at leading magazines, including Flare & Fashion and, most recently, at the helm of, an online magazine that focuses on fashion and beauty in Canada. Here Michelle shares her thoughts on style and the influences behind her unfussy elegance.

Do you prefer to dress for an occasion or for everyday?

I can get lazy with the everyday, especially during winter. So I would say that I prefer dressing for a specific occasion. 

Would you rather be overdressed or underdressed?

I would rather be overdressed. You never want to feel like you are not dressed appropriately. 

Do you have a signature style or do you prefer keep 'em guessing?

I would like to think that I prefer to keep people guessing, but I do lean towards more classic looks.


Your all-time favourite outfits:

1. Loved wearing a sequined black dress, with a low cut back, to my best friend's 30th birthday dinner out in Paris in 2011.

2. This past New Year's, I wore high-waisted grey Joe Fresh dress pants, with a black suede Ashley Rowe bustier and, of course, my black Theyskens Theory blazer!!

3. I also love my purple Greta Constantine dress, which I wore to my best friend's wedding (shown here at a CANFAR event earlier this year).

4. A floor length D&G dress that I wore to Fashion Magazine's 30th anniversary party, back when I had long blonde hair!

Your top 3 celeb style moments: (In no particular order)

Kate Moss wearing a gold dress and turban to the 2009 MET gala. 

Marion Cotillard in Jean Paul Gaultier at the 2008 Oscars.  

And pretty much anything Tilda Swinton wears.

What would you buy with an unexpected windfall?

Oh, I've thought about this lots. I would honestly start my entire wardrobe over, say for maybe five pieces. New everything. And I would go shopping in Paris and New York. 

Heels or flats?

I love heels. But have ruined my feet, playing soccer since I was in my early 20s (torn ligaments, broken toes, etc), making heels sometimes very painful. So, let's say 50/50?

Will you suffer for fashion or should it be comfortable? Is there an occasion that you will break this rule?

I think clothing should be comfortable. Pulling at your clothing because it doesn't fit properly is very unattractive. That being said, I have suffered through nights in certain heels because they look spectacular!

Always stylish or does even fashion need to take a break? Any exceptions?

I think fashion breaks are important. Sort of a cleansing of the palette. 

Team Anna (Wintour) or Team Carine (Roitfeld)?

Team Carine, always. 

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