Photo: Jamar Stephens

Photo: Jamar Stephens

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National Post Debate: Shoes on or Shoes Off?


Recently the National Post sparked an industry wide debate with the question as to the etiquette of "shoes off or on" when entertaining at home. Yours truly was among those who weighed in, but unfortunately misunderstood the context of the question so answered from the perspective of the guest as opposed to the host. So I am the fence-sitter in a strongly opinionated debate. Having grown up in a household where shoes off was mandatory, I was surprised by the amount of those who were offended at the sheer thought of being asked to remove shoes upon arrival. Personally, I'm shoes off, but my parties are typically casual affairs among close friends – if I were hosting colleagues or throwing a more formal bash I suppose I'd allow shoes. Conclusion: even in understanding the question I'm still a fence-sitter on this one :)

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