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Socks & Sandals – Trend Tolerance: High

If it's cool enough for Zoe Kravitz...

If it's cool enough for Zoe Kravitz...

So deeply ingrained as a fashion faux pas, socks & sandals – the long held domain of tree planters & male tourists, it's almost style sacrilege to whisper both accessories in the same phrase. But here we are, several seasons in under the influence of "ugly shoes" – see Céline, Prada, et al. and socks & sandals seem a viable, downright chic, combination. Teva is making a strong case, complete with a genius collaboration with Woolrich and big name stylists, Kira Sheppard & Elizabeth Stewart. I recently worked with Teva (sold exclusively, in Canada, on to present their spring collection to media, and sported some socks & sandals myself, along with styling on model. I'm convinced. Personally, I like tone-on-tone neutrals – grey, my favourite; but even if you can't fully commit, Teva on their own feels fresh & current for spring. Here's how I'll wear on cold dry days:

Belstaff  sweater | Nevada  cardigan | Banana Republic  earrings | Ela Handbags  clutch |  Roots  socks |  Teva  Original sandals

Belstaff sweater |Nevada cardigan |Banana Republic earrings |Ela Handbags clutch | Roots socks | Teva Original sandals

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