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Straight Leg Jeans

I recently made the pilgrimage to Buffalo to shop the Prabal Gurung diffusion line (Target is set to open very shortly here in Canada – but not soon enough!). With haul in cart, I had the revelation that I could not leave without a pair of loose-fit, straight leg, low-slung jeans. A devout wearer of almost exclusively skinny jeans (with a few super wide leg exceptions), this is a totally new fit for me; but coming across these well-known pics of Jenna Lyons, I realize that this is something that's been brewing for awhile. In each picture I was initially taken with her coat, then her shoes, but I realize that those perfect cropped jeans were the quiet piece that made each outfit so right. And so, a pair of Mossimo jeans ($28) crossed the border and into my closet and I cannot stop wearing them. They are not perfect, perhaps veering a little too close to boot leg territory, a little too loose... But for under $30 they are an ideal transition to a new silhouette. I'm not giving up skinny jeans any time soon but it's nice to have an option. And now that I'm comfortable, the search for the perfect pair begins.

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