Photo: Jamar Stephens

Photo: Jamar Stephens

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Sweet Nothings

(Celeb-inspired blow-out – promise that you’ll be in & out in under an hour)
Why not, indulge yourself with one (or all!) of these little treats that feel totally decadent but won’t blow your budget. Happy Valentine’s Day!

(Mmm hazelnut chocolate, only 170 calories– have two)

(Deliciously-scented cinnamon or floral bath)

Blow & Go Bar, $30 Ritual 2; 416-306-0040 Chocolate, Kit Kat Senses $1.09 Shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath Shower gel, Love Shack $9.50 Gap; Cinnamon Dots $21, Philosophy; Exclusively at Sephora 1-877-SEPHORA

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