Photo: Jamar Stephens

Photo: Jamar Stephens

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How to Wear: Travel Clothing

C ote D'Azur Vintage Travel Poster, Cassandre 1931.
Cote D'Azur Vintage Travel Poster, Cassandre 1931.

 I have travel on the mind. I put thought into my travel outfit as I do my vacation wardrobe– comfort is crucial, style a bonus. And for warm-weather holidays, I'll sacrifice the chill from the car to the airport to avoid wearing socks or bulky boots – much faster at security and eliminates traveling with unnecessary items.

T ravel in Style & Comfort
Travel in Style & Comfort

Cote D'Azur 1931 by Cassandre, A.M. $2001; International Poster Gallery

Nero Intrecciato Nappa Eye Mask $190;

Jersey T-shirt Dress $59.50, t by Alexander Wang;

Boxford Wheeled Trolley price upon request, Longchamp Paris;

Arabian Charina Flats $179, Bloch;

Oslo Tie Dye Shawl price upon request, Denis Colomb Lifestyle;

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