Photo: Jamar Stephens

Photo: Jamar Stephens

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Julie McClure: Wellness Checklist

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Founder, benourished.

Yummy juices, tasty raw food and vitality-producing cleanses, backed by a team of nutritional & botanical experts, are the pillars of her Yorkville based food boutique. I checked in with this health savant for her checklist of easy but important nutritional to-dos.

As you begin to radiate health and happiness from the inside out, you will inherently make the world a better place.

1. Boost your energy with a more alkaline diet that is high in chlorophyll. Found in dark leafy greens (i.e., Swiss chard, kale, spinach, etc.), chlorophyll works to neutralize toxins in the body and stimulate red blood cells to increase oxygen distribution…bringing you more energy, mental clarity and overall stamina…to keep you shining all day long. Where to start? Add a freshly pressed green juice into your daily diet and a dark leafy green salad at each meal.

2. Power up your immune system. Start your day with an alternating hot and cold shower to stimulate your metabolism and circulation (blood & lymph) and to better nourish your organs. How to? Complete 3 to 5 cycles of alternating hot and cold showers with a time ratio of 4:1 hot to cold.

3. Turn back time by incorporating some of nature’s most potent anti-aging superfoods into your daily diet. A few favourites include: camu camu berry (one of the richest sources of vitamin C); chia seeds (great source of fibre, omega 3 essential fatty acids – regulating the digestive system, mood, heart and creating a feeling of satiety); organic green tea (contains disease fighting flavonoid & antioxidants, catechins); seaweed (compounds with cancer-protecting properties); and schizandra berry (known in China to be a sexual tonic and the fountain of youth - but not to be used during pregnancy).

4. Get Radiant Looking Skin. Your skin is a blueprint of your internal health so by committing to healthier eating and better hydration, you will begin to radiate from the inside-out. Recommendation? Drink half your body weight in ounces/day. And remember, what you put on your skin, you put in your body so opt for organic and all natural skin care products that are free of cancer-causing parabens. A personal favorite? Tata Harper.

5. Start Moving. Incorporate at least 30 minutes of yoga/exercise/activity into your daily routine to release endorphins and to keep your blood and lymph circulating. The benefits? Better mood, body, immune system and sleep… need we say more? A personal favorite? Yoga – to keep your joints feeling as young as you want to look and your mind at peace.

6. Stock the cupboard during cold & flu season with a few of my favorite health promoting herbs & supplements: a probiotic (to boost your immune system and keep your digestive tract healthy - e.g., Genestra’s HMF Forte); goldenseal tincture (an anti-microbial that will help to ward off ‘the bugs’); buffered vitamin C (to boost the immune system and promote healthy skin); liquid vitamin D (to keep your mood elevated during the dark winter months); liquid essential fatty acids (to promote healthy mood and brain function - e.g., Ascenta) and medicinal mushrooms (to boost the immune system – e.g., Harmonic Arts).

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