Photo: Jamar Stephens

Photo: Jamar Stephens

Afiya Francisco is a Style Expert, television and fashion personality, speaker, and brand ambassador. The Style House is a multimedia platform designed to help women approach their personal style with confidence, simplicity & joy. 

What's Old is New

With the declaration of the death of the ‘It’ bag came glowing endorsements for statement jewellery as the accessory of the moment. Instead of spending loads on a bag that you wouldn’t be caught dead with next year, why not indulge in oversized baubbles in either the real or faux variety? While the look feels fresh, since the beginning of time women across the globe have known the value of a chunky statement piece. $185 Bib necklace, Banana Republic; $59 Glass Cube necklace, Club Monaco; $89 Multi coloured agate stone necklace, Club Monaco; $78 (US) UO Mesh Lace Necklace, Urban Outfitters;

Retro Glam

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