Photo: Jamar Stephens

Photo: Jamar Stephens

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Wide Leg Denim – Trend Tolerance: Med/High

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Skinnies aren't going anywhere but they are making room for wider leg silhouettes. This style has strong potential to be delightfully forgiving and comfy, but here's the reason that I've given wide leg pants (denim in particular) a med/high tolerance rating: the style can go way wrong in a hurry. The thing is, wide legs and high waist seem to go hand in hand, which is dangerous territory for most of us – particularly those with an ample chest, short waist or thicker mid section. It makes sense to think that the material would rein it all in, but instead, it chops the body amplifying these areas. (Back in 2009 a certain starlet cum business tycoon served as a visual cautionary tale to this situation). Also, for some reason, the style is often in a length fit for the vertically accomplished (read: tall) resulting in frayed, dragging hems. Your best bet: mid rise, subtle flare, dark wash, in a length tailored to the shoes you will wear them with (heels win here). 

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