Photo: Jamar Stephens

Photo: Jamar Stephens

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Industry Insider Interview with Beverly Suliteanu

As the creative mind behind the designs of some of the world’s leading optical brands, such as Kliik Denmark and Fysh, Beverly thinks of frames as an indispensible fashion accessory with the same vigor that most of us regard our shoes. Stylish, chic, and with the ability to improve your look, suddenly the term ‘four eyes’ has a whole new

Your Inspiration… Fashion, interior design and what I see in the environment around me. I am always looking at color and how color hues are combined and for that unexpected combination that makes you sit back and think, “I never thought of that combination of color, but it works”. I also look at embellishments to see how they can be incorporated into frame design. I look at interior design, particularly fabrics, to get inspiration regarding pattern and texture. It is amazing how you can draw inspiration from the simplest things in your everyday life.

Fashion Tricks… I think the best fashion trick is to know yourself, know your taste and buy what YOU like and feel good in. Don’t jump on every trend. There are usually multiple trends out there, so pick and choose those that fit your style. If you are looking to change up your look, ask the opinion of a specialist (ie. in our industry the optician and/or dispenser). They have a lot of experience in fitting frames and will steer you in the right direction.

Current obsessions… Has and always will be shoes and bags.

Classic or trendy… Somewhere in-between. Depends on the occasion and my mood.

Street Style or Runway... Again, for inspiration I look at both. There are elements in both that can be combined to give a funky, yet refined/clean style.

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