Photo: Jamar Stephens

Photo: Jamar Stephens

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Industry Insider Interview with Jenny Bird

With over a decade of experience in jewellery making and textile design, Jenny Bird's elegant bags lend the perfect blend of modern sophistication and and old Hollywood glamour. Big name retailers like Ogilvy in Montreal and NYC's Henri Bendel have recently begun to carry the collection which is a sure sign that this designer is about to

Your brand… has a modern-vintage aesthetic that is both fresh and timeless. It is also a luxury product at an accessible price point, which is hard to find these days with overpriced “it bags”.

Your inspiration… Vintage fashion, pop culture, textiles of all kinds, travel, current lines such as Akris, Dries Van Noten, every woman and man I see on the street with a confident sense of personal style.

Fashion Tricks… Wear pieces you’ve had for a while in different ways. Put music on while dressing in the morning! Dress to fit your mood and to fit the day you want to have!

Your Ultimate Fashion Entourage… Chloe Sevigny. Audrey, of course. Anyone who is brave and has FUN with fashion in their own way.

Classic or Trendy… I think you don’t have to be either or, you can be the NEW MODERN, a sophisticated version of classic with just enough of the “new trend” thrown in that you look modern and classy at the same time. QUALITY of garments is critical. Cheap and trendy I do not do.

Street Style or Runway… Runway. Although street style has its place and definitely filters into my inspiration through observations and then ultimately my subconscious. But runway and street are really are circular influences on each other, so I don’t think you can separate them. One would not exist without the other… Also – worth noting is the latest celebration of Stephen Sprouse via the collaboration with LV and Marc Jacobs.

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