Photo: Jamar Stephens

Photo: Jamar Stephens

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Beautiful Things: Top 5 – Winter Boots

Shorter days and cold winds can only mean one thing: winter will soon be upon us. Love it or loathe it, now's the time to start thinking about one of the season's key pieces– the boot. Here are The Style House top 5: moovbootstudiogroup7

Hailing from Australia and new to Canada, this winter MoovBoots promise to give the ubiquitous Hunters a run for their money. Great patterns, cozy Merino lining and waterproof. Need I say more?

$280-$320 MoovBoot.


A great scrunchy suede boot, perfect with skinny jean all year round.Waterproof.

$395 La Canadienne.


For those who refuse to forgo a heel despite torrential conditions.

$495 Aquatalia by Marvink.


A Canadian classic, these faux fur mukluks are best saved for those dry, bone-chillingly cold days.

Womens Candy Tan Mukluk Boots $ 119.99 SoftMoc.


Love the herringbone pattern, love that they're also waterproof. May need a thick sock to really withstand the chill.

$70 Chooka.

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